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Is the Lumix GH5s Animal Detect good for filmmakers?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Lumix GH5s for wildlife videographer, featuring the all new Animal Detect mode

On this video I take a look at Panasonics new animal auto-focus system, looking at some of the pros & cons it can offer wildlife filmmakers.

The GH5s is one of the most popular and best budget film making cameras on the market, it is robust has that fantastic compatibility that Micro Four Thirds offers through speed boosters and is packed to the rafters with powerful video making tools. However as with all Panasonic cameras the Auto-Focus while not as bad as some people would have you believe certainly leaves a lot to be desired when compared to offerings by the likes of Sony and Canon.

In the latest Firmware update Panasonic added a Animal Detect mode as well as overall improvements to auto-focus. In the video above I took my camera to Hillers Farm Shop bird hide and put the new AD mode through it's paces and I have to say I am impressed though there is still much room for improvement.

Kit: Lumix GH5s + Panasonic 100-300 II Lumix G9 + Panasoninc 12-35 II

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