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  • How would you best describe your style? 
    Personally, I tend to use clean but elegant staging with distinct lines and vibrant colour pallets. But our mission is to bring your brand to life. We work closley with you to ensure it's your vision that shines through.
  • Why should I hire a professional photographer?
    Being seen online can be challenging; if your content isn't up to sratch, visitors will go elsewhere. Professional photography increases interest, clicks, and sales. See the video below for more information.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    A deposit fee is required to secure work. This covers us for any time or work we may miss due to cancelations. We reserve the right to hold deposits non-refundable. However we understand that things don't always go to plan and so may offer refunds at our discretion.
  • When will we get our finished products?
    Each project will have different requirements that may shorten and lengthen the turn-around time, therefore we estimate deadlines on a per-project basis. But as an example a batch of 15-20 pack photos shot on white will take between 1-2 days to turn around.
  • How will I recieve the images?
    Typically we send over watermarked copies for review purposes only. Once reviewed the non-watermarked versions will be sent upon submission of final payment.
  • Do I get the copyright/ownership of my photos?
    Any *works you receive the property of Figmento Films. Figmento Films grants the client unlimited use of any works we produce to promote their brand. Including websites, social sites and print. We do not grant the client licence to manipulate these works or re-sell them to third parties without prior consent or credit. *works may include, photography, videography, graphics, copy, animation and music.
  • Do you backup or otherwise secure images for protection?
    We back up to multiple drives and to a cloud service. We hold any works for up to six months and can hold them longer for an additional fee.
  • Where do you shoot?
    Product and pack photography is usually shot from our personal studio and office space. Though both photo and video may be shot at a preferred location, depending on the perimeters of the project
  • How does remote shooting work?
    You send us your products We shoot shoot them Review & amendments We ship them back you
  • Can ammendments be made?
    We offer up to three rounds for any major amendments. After this our typical rates may apply. Clients receive up to seven days to note any amendments during the review stage.
  • How much do you charge?
    We offer a host of photo/ video services. Contact us for a quote today!
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