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Panasonic G9 4k 10-bit video footage! Can I use the Lumix G9 for video?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

HUGE NEWS! The Lumix G9 now features 10-bit video!

As a photographer and filmmaker efficiency and practicality is essential to everything I do. Because of this I ended gravitating to Micro Four Third camera systems as I have an almost even split between photography and video. I found what I lacked in sensor size I made up for in adaptability, knowing the cameras short comings makes over coming these things a fairly simple pursuit, a smaller sensor will need more light and though this is not always achievable I rarely run into major issues.

The first system I bought was the Lumix GH4 which blew me away. Plus upon purchasing the somewhat expensive Metabones Speedbooster XL I was able to continue using my Canon L series lenses, this speedbooster also reduced the crop factor of the camera which was another bonus point. I later upgraded to the phenomenal Lumix GH5s but found that as I was requested to shoot more product photography the low mega pixel count just wasn't going to cut it.

I then had a scary incident in which I was requested to shoot a last minute job, I had three days to prepare and two of those days were xmas and boxing day so you can imagine my dread when my beloved speedbooster decided to stop working (fixed now) I wen't into panic mode a ran out and but the incredible Pansonic 12-35 II lens. I was able to shoot the video I promotional vid for a cosmetics company. But after I was reminded of the important of back ups. With what I do you need back ups for everything. I needed a back up camera and I needed lenses that could be used natively with my cameras.

This eventually bought me to the G9, a camera I wasn't considering to use for video but as my stills cam for products shots due to the 20mp camera and 80mp modes the camera can produce. However I quickly began to realise just how incredible this camera was for video, it has amazing dual stabilisation and produces beautiful images. However the video options were somewhat limited and largely still are. But with the introduction of Firmware 2.0 upgrade the camera also gained 10-bit video and can now support v-log, further more the slow motion options were vastly improved. Unfortunately 10 minute recording limitations still apply for 4k modes and 30 mins for HD.

Regardless this turns the G9 into one of the best value cameras on the market, a blisteringly fast stills camera that can also shoot smooth handheld shots all in 10-Bit. The recording limits are a pain sure, but it's rare that outside of interviews or live shows that I will be recording 10 minute shots. It essentially makes the G9 the perfect B-Cam to my GH5s for stills, conversely that relationship is flipped for photography projects because honestly the GH5s is a great stills camera due to the dual native ISO meaning shooting in darkert conditions becomes so much easier.

It's sad that so many people are caught up with full frame, this is not to say full frame isn't better a bigger sensor will get you a better image or at least more versatility in the field due the light gathering capabilites but the adaptability of these Micro Four Thirds systems is the equalising factor for me.

Kit: Lumix G9 + 100-300 II

Firmware link:

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